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Frida Palermo $200

Frida (33)

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Tuli Palermo $150

deaf (19)

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Anastasia Palermo $600

anastasia (24)

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Nanda Palermo $500

Nanda (28)

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The princess Palermo $600

Princess (25)

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Martina Palermo $500

Martinina (32)

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Maddie Palermo $600

Maddie (24)

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Giuliana Palermo $400

Giuliana (28)

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Venice Palermo $300

Venice (30)

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Sofia Sii Palermo $300

Sofia Be (34)

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Canale Palermo $400

channels (21)

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Carlo Palermo $300

Carol (25)

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Escort Palermo

Si offendono le escort palermitane se chiamano “puttane”?

This is a response that will change to the second escort that responds.

The parola "puttana" is always used by chiamare noi donne in offensive or dispregiative mode, but alla fine avrà always a che fare with the manner in which we prendiamo it.

Inside ogni donna c'è una “puttana” che vuole uscire. The only difference between us and chi non è accompagnatore è che quest lo facciamo a pago.

Quali sono i 3 servizi più richiesti dagli VIP escort a Palermo?

Any client we receive has enjoyed fun, but there are three and services that we come to richest in frequently: oral sessions, anal sessions and three sessions.

Ma non tutte le escort offrono tutti questi servizi. For this reason, first of all, we will confirm your application with noi, we will ensure that we provide you with the services of your richest needs.

Can you decide what to do for an appointment with a Palermo escort?

Generally noi che scegliamo i siti di incontri siamo le escort palermitane.

Also this varies a second from the type of appuntamento that we will repeat ad avere; Poiché, if it is a request for accompaniment, the location is indicated by the client and we do not request it at the post.

In this way, we must transfer the options from the client's site to our attention, the client will have to bear the costs of transfer.

When can I return to the next day, can I see a Palermo puttana?

Non c'è limite finché abbiamo availability in our agenda!

For this reason we tell our clients that it is important that we submit the first application with noi with at least 4 days of advance payment.

Tuttavia, se lo desideri, puoi prenotare con noi più di un giorno alla setimana. Say it and stop!

The Palermo escort can't pause?

Alcuni yes and altri no.

Everything depends on the companion and the rhythm of the work that the piece avere.

At some point you can turn on any time during the month (alone because of the menstruation) or the seasons to start again and wait for the time per se.

It is a personal decision of each companion.

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