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Belen Hot ZO Caseros $40

Belen Hot ZO (32)

Homemade buffer stock
Mariel ZO Caseros $30

Mariel ZO (26)

Homemade buffer stock

Homemade Escorts

Are the Caseros escorts affidabili?

Ognuno di noi è totally affidabile.

Ciò è dovuto principally to the fact that we are very professional and had present quali sono the regulation of our services. Inoltre, vogliamo che and our clients if sentano agio agio fin dall'inizio dell'appuntamento.

Not only do we take care of our clients and their privacy, but we also do it with ours. Naturally, we always want our clients to have a ripe appuntamento with noi.

Does the tariff of the Homemade passengers include transportation?

Just say no.

Our tariffs protect only the services we offer to our clients or the time we investigate in the application, details such as the transfer, the hotel, the bill or other; I devono essere at the customer's expense.

Ci sono accompagnatori de Caseros who have their own vehicle and can offer recarsi at the exit of the incontro. Alternatively, we will slightly increase the service fee to include the transfer, all expenses of the companion in question.

How long do you use with a homemade puttana?

There is no standard schedule for an appointment with noi.

Take a brief trip to a note, a moment or an event; Everything depends on the availability of the time previously scheduled.

It is important that our clients keep in mind that, normally, the minimum time for an application is one (1) time and that it is necessary to request the application in advance to be able to guarantee it so that we can serve it as much as possible. I did what I wanted.

Will the VIP guests of Caseros arrive at their post in a hotel?


Accompanying guests of Caseros have no problems making an application with our client within the hotel in their accommodation. I wanted this not to be a shelter that presents a pericolo per noi.

For this reason dovrai chiarire, al momento dell'appuntamento con noi, dove desideri che sia l'appuntamento; In this way we can ensure that we can serve you in this post.

Le escort di Caseros danno baci?

Our GFE service, as well as "The Girlfriend Experience", includes both spontaneous care and care. All this way, keep your hand on the road, sesso occasionale, abbracci e così via.

This service comes only richest to the clients that we wish to assist the divario in the commercial transaction between the escort and the client. This is a rich service for clients who wish to have an intimate appointment, open the first application with noi; to feel safe.

Outside of this service, the toilet will be opened by the companion.

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