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Rome quartiere Nord $400

Roma (25)

North Quarter buffer stock
District Nord Blu $400

Blue (28)

North Quarter buffer stock
Northern Quarter of Lakshmi $200

Lakshmi (37)

North Quarter buffer stock
Quartiere Aina Vip Nord $100

Aina Vip (28)

North Quarter buffer stock
Kati Vip Barrio Norte $100

Katia Vip (21)

North Quarter buffer stock
Quartiere di Uma Nord $100

hum (57)

North Quarter buffer stock
Inti Barrio Norte $100

inti (25)

North Quarter buffer stock
Quartiere Angelico Nord $50

Angelico (37)

Escort in Barrio Norte

Gli escort di Barrio Norte servono le coppie?


The greatest part of the VIP escort of the North District will accompany you to realize your sessual fantasies.

Tuttavia, non tutte le escort offrono que this servizio. Once you have completed the application, it is necessary to specify that the service will be copied.

A return in possession of the orary and data of our discovery, we consulted the finders in a public place to agree on the limits and manners of the service. Once we know everything we agree, we may go to the hotel to have fun.

In what way do Barrio Norte VIP accompagnators protect the client's identity?

The comfort and privacy of our clients are extremely important per noi. Therefore, we take various measures to protect the identity of our clients and not disturb their privacy. 

Our VIP accompagnators of Barrio Norte do not take photographs with our clients, so in this way, we ensure that we do not stabilire contact visivi or verbali and we are not happy at the time of our requests.

Tuttavia, ognuno di noi has diversi modi aggiuntivi to understand the care of its own clients and their interests.

Will I go and take the VIP accompagnatrice of the Barrio Norte to your house?

Generally not.

Mainly, this is for our security, if we wish to postarci in qualsiasi luogo.

Tuttavia, quello che puoi fare è paye il transporteo con cui ci cicherheremo al luogo del nostro incontro.

Dovrei fissare in advance my appuntamento with a puttana from the Barrio Norte?

Definitely yes.

Our Barrio Norte accompagnators alone manage our agenda based on our plans and the clients we will serve during that week or within 15 days (depending on each person's organization).

Therefore it is extremely important that, to make an application with noi, communicate with at least 2 or 3 days of advance payment.

Can I extend the time of my application with an accompagnatrice from the Barrio Norte?

It is possible, but it is preferable that you communicate in advance your intentions.  

If you thought that your application would be incredible and prolong it, you could do it.

If possible, we will inform you of the time availability and if you are willing to pay the corresponding fee for the extra time.

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