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Olivia ZS Lanus $50

Olivia Z.S. (23)

Lanus buffer stock
Lulita ZS Lanus $40

Lulita ZS (33)

Lanus buffer stock

Lanus Escort

Gli accompagnatori Lanus possono spostarsi?

You will be provided by the escort who will respond to this question.

In general, the Lanus escort has no problem sending a province elsewhere to serve our client or to make an appointment.

Tuttavia, ciò will depend internally on the decision of the accompanies and of those with whom they will feel più to their agio and to the sicuro. Inoltre, it will be the client's farsi carico delle spese de transport.

What form of payment is acceptable to the Lanus escort?

Our company has different payment methods for the comfort of our clients.

We know that some clients prefer not to lose digital traces of the movements, reason why almost all we accept payment in contanti.

Alcuni di noi hanno anche diverse piattaforme dove è possibile effettuare il pagomento; Normally, this is something that the Lanus escort will know our clients at the end of the first moment.

How do you prepare an escort Lanus prima di an appuntamento?

Nowadays there is a completely diverse preparation routine.

Fundamentally it will depend on what you like and what you don't have. We may fare treatments viso non-invasive, walk in palestra or a day in spa.

There are no limitations when trying to prepare for one of our clients. We always appear impressive, very presentable for the occasion and clean the front of the foot.

Le escort VIP Lanus fanno il russo?

This is a service that we provide to our clients to purchase what the client needs. It is only part of our special services, but it is not difficult to find escort Lanus that can provide this service.

One of the most important things is that you do not expect that the moment arrived for you to say that you were very Russian, during the preceding conversation all the points were made to say that you wanted the service, remember that you did not receive any surprises.

Posso fare BDSM with a Lanus puttana?

BDSM is a practice that some escort Lanus may consider normal; It is also part of our special services during our incontri sessions with our clients.

Devi tenere in consideration that non tutte le escort sono uguali. Ciò means that we do not offer this service to our clients and that it is simply a practice that we do not want to do or that we prefer to do exclusively in our private life.

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