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Sonia ZS Canning $100

sonia zs (27)

canning buffer stock
Juli ZS Canning $50

Juli Z.S. (22)

canning buffer stock
Zalma ZS Canning $40

Zalma ZS (31)

Court of inscatolament

What is a VIP escort from Canning?

The Canning VIP escort is an exclusive companion who differs from other workers in the sessions offering escort services for social events, reunions or work dinners. 

These escort services may or may not be the first time or dopo l'appuntamento or simply do not fail.

Canning's VIP escort offer the GFE service?

La stragrande maggioranza di noi, yes.

This is an experience that gives the client a relationship of love; Come, for example, to have it in your hand and allow you to feel your own right during the entire application.

This is an experience that I will live with noi! Do not wait to see if we have provided the GFE service, we will be happy to live this wonderful experience.

How can I seduce an escort from Canning?

From your first communication with the world, your treatment must be gentle, polite and respectful. During the application, do not mention that you are a gentleman and that you are one with a qualified escort from Canning to ensure all your expectations and sexual rapport.

Obviously you can carry a gift, something that will be done beforehand and that will be appreciated by our gradimento.

If your part is done, we can assure you that we will not feel immensely attractive to you. Ma non essere confused! This is our work and we always behave in a very professional manner.

How can I prepare my first cousin with a Canning puttana?

The first time in a sessual encounter, that yours is vergine or less, because it is part of a lot of nervosismo and dubbi. With the escort of Canning this is not diverse!

Own as any customer is diverse, what is also the same as noi. There is no specific list of passes that will continue to render your first application a success.

What you do have in mind is that you arrive perfectly polished, be punctual with the appointment schedule and not be rude or rude.

And we allowed our company!

Posso fare sesso without a preservative with an escort Canning?

Absolutely not! 

Ciò non è consentito in nessuna circostanza, regardless of the fact that you are a very old or very trustworthy client.

The use of a condom is mandatory for all and our clients, to protect everyone. We do not make eccezioni and saw advice of non-proportion during the appeal, which may be the reason for annulment, which may generate differences.

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