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Estefania Masseuse $100

Estefania (28)

Martinax Masseuse $100

Martinax (28)

Flopy Uri Masseuse $100

Floppy Uri (22)

Danish Masseuse $100

Danish (30)

Delfiina Masseuse $100

Dolphin (33)

Vany Masseuse $100

vany (40)

Lis Masseuse $100

Press (25)

Angelina Masseuse $100

angelina (37)

Fernanda Masseuse $100

Fernanda (39)

Sexy Sea Masseuse $100

Sexy Sea (48)

Josefiina Masseuse $100

Josefina (28)

Lulibaires Masseuse $100

Lulibaires (33)

Frequently asked questions to massage therapists

What happens in one of our massage sessions?

First of all, we will meet at the meeting point. This can be in our departments or at your home or hotel room. Once we have greeted each other, you will proceed to take off your clothes and take a bath. Sometimes we like to accompany you in the bathroom, that will depend on which of us you hang out with. Once you have finished with your shower, we will be waiting for you with everything ready for you to lie down on the stretcher, bed or tatami. Once comfortable, we will proceed to start the massage you have requested. It will start as a normal massage but little by little we will get closer and closer to intimacy. Depending on which of us you are with, we will provide different types of sexual services. so choose well

Are our massages safe?

Of course! There is nothing to fear, all of us are perfectly prepared to perform massages and we know what we are doing. We guarantee that when you finish the section you will leave happy and wanting to repeat.

Are happy ending massages illegal?

Not at all. We are simply two adults doing big things where there is consensus on both sides. So don't worry. As long as you are respectful with us you will never have any kind of problem.

What is a tantric massage?

The answer will vary depending on who you ask. Actually, a tantric massage is ancestral techniques from India, which are erotic. The purpose of tantric massage itself is not to cause you to ejaculate, but to bring you to a high level of lust through massages on different parts of the body, including the genitals. Tantric massage is an art and it takes years of practice to improve the techniques. Obviously, not all of us are able to achieve these techniques perfectly, but some of us can. Try it once and you will want to repeat forever.

What does tatami massage mean?

Generally, all massages are done lying down. Now, one can lie on a conventional bed, on a professional massage table or on a tatami. The word tatami is a Japanese term and is basically a mat or mat of medium thickness that is thrown on the floor. Performing massages on tatami mats have certain advantages, such as achieving greater space and ease for us to move and get closer to you.

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