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Who am I?

Ciao amore, sonno Bianca Rossi. Descendent of Italians, in particular of Veneto in the north of the peninsula. Occhi verdi; carnagione bianca naturally rossa con lentiggini che atraversano il mio corpo. Slim curvy and without surgery. I speak Italian and English.

Poiché ford a horse at the end of my childhood, I love the speed of the percorsi, with the ronzio of a powerful engine and the seta that my avvolge and capelli. Other than my hobby is fashion, Alexander McQueen designs and draws inspiration from him. The possibility of immortalizing those sfilate in images excites me. Allenati, remainder in forma; uomini colti e di classe con cui condividere momenti di intimità. It sounds sensual, entertaining, frontal and multi-orgasmic.

With my Italian and European passport, I can travel practically anywhere in the world without seeing anything. Something discovered when we encounter it? The song says it bene. “I won't give my heart without the color that rubano me. E non smettere mai di trips dall'inverno all'estate.

Give Madrid to New York, dall'abbraccio all'oblio. I went with Madonna in a limousine. Discover the via d'uscita da questo grigio labirinto. Passare attraverso tutto e non passare di moda.

Your appearance, baci!


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Bianca rossi

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Experience (12)


2 years ago

Hello, I will send you the tariff for a trip to Parana Entre Rios di Sabato.


2 years ago

Ciao Bianca Rossi,
I'm Peter, geologist, pensioner, American, willing to find a (little mature) lady next to our apartment. be beautiful !!! Puoi ricevermi oggi verso le 12:30? Posso pagarti in dollari se preferisci.


2 years ago

Ero con lei a fa seventimana. The truth is very attentive. Molto estroverso Ottimo corpo. She does not say say no to children. A very available milf. Particularly perché il viso de ella ha delle pennellate.


2 years ago

Qualche anno fa l'aveva persa. She began to dedicate herself to photographic production. Ho scritto ieri senza sapere che fosse lei. Regardless of the genre, it is fantastic. She is an exceptional lady. Very nice sweetheart, you want to die riding with her dream story of hers, it's adorable to talk to the law, repeato, with her brain it's secondary, the law is the main thing. La mia gioia che sia tornato è immensa.


2 years ago

Sono uscito con lei, una donna speciale, attentive, available, very well preserved


2 years ago

Fernando, thing intended for "if you keep a lot of good" is a minon!!!


1 year ago

Sono uscito con lei. That's what comes from who and the other anchor. Super cordiale and with the best vibrations. Complete service. Access everything you want. Correct apartment with impeccable bathroom.


11 months ago

Everything is very beautiful, it is preserved and very good.


11 months ago

Excellent service, terrible body and good attitude.


6 months ago

Stupendous Più beautiful dal vivo che in foto. Very attentive and sweet. Amichevolmente entertaining, carries the conversation with a familiarity that almost makes you dimenticare che po incredibile ha. Sensuale, accomodante, turnederò sicuramente da lei. Dopo siamo andati a mangiare al Palacio D. e le donne ci guardavano, gli uomini si curavano di più, una bella, elegant e fine. Grazie mille divina per l'onda.


1 months ago

Sono andato seemed tempo fa. She succhia him come nessun else. She renders it very figo. He is very sweet. He has a very morbid body and divine face. Quello che gli piace scopare.


4 weeks ago

Innanzitutto the treatment is different, it is another thing, second, the apartment is very well arranged and indimenticabile. I adore his body with natural proportions, he has the most beautiful face that has been seen in my life. Ripetere

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