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Parque Chas Escorts

Can we have sex with a Parque Chas escort with several friends?

It depends on the services that the Parque Chas escort you want to meet with offers you.

Some girls have no objection to providing their services to a group of friends of a particular number. However, for some of us this may not be a service we want to provide.

The important thing is that you first find out what types of services the escort you have chosen offers. Once you find the ideal girl, you can agree with her a number of people and the rest of the details of the date.

Can Parque Chas VIP escorts drink liquor during a date?

Although the decision is personal for each Parque Chas escort, most allow themselves a couple of drinks during the service.

The vast majority of Parque Chas escorts can drink alcohol during the evening, but we never allow ourselves to lose consciousness or control of the moment.

This is extremely important to be able to comply with what the client has asked us to do for him. Being professional at all times, not exceeding the time and services for which our client has paid is part of our capabilities.

What type of clients do Parque Chas mature escorts serve?

The mature escorts of Parque Chas are trained to serve any type of client.

Our clients are usually very varied, from businessmen to foreigners or politicians. As long as these people are willing and able to pay the fees for our services.

However, Parque Chas escorts are usually the fantasy of younger men who want to gain experience or want to know the real good sex.

Can I record videos with a whore from Parque Chas?

Absolutely not!

Just like the Parque Chas escorts, we take care of the safety, identity and integrity of our clients; We do the same for ourselves. Neither sex videos nor conventional videos are allowed under any circumstances.

It is extremely important to pay attention to this, because it is something that we all take very seriously and that we let them know from the first moment we tell our dates our rules.

Why hire a Parque Chas escort?

Hiring Parque Chas escorts can bring different benefits.

We are open-minded women and we never judge the decisions or tastes of our clients. This makes us an excellent option when it comes to wanting to include us in your craziest fantasies, either alone or with a partner.

In addition, you can be sure that we have enough experience so that everything goes well, we are discreet and reliable.

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