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Jessy Palermo 100 USD

Jessie (25)

Palermo escort
Maddie Palermo 600 USD

Maddie (24)

Palermo escort
Anastasia Palermo 600 USD

anastasia (24)

Palermo escort
Nanda Palermo 500 USD

nanda (28)

Palermo escort
Princess Palermo 600 USD

Princess (25)

Palermo escort
Martina Palermo 500 USD

Martinina (32)

Palermo escort
Barbie XP Palermo 400 USD

Barbie XP (32)

Palermo escort
Ale Squirt Palermo 300 USD

ale squirt (29)

Palermo escort
Felicia Palermo 300 USD

Felicia (27)

Palermo escort
Ayla Br Palermo 400 USD

Ayla Br (28)

Palermo escort
Venice Palermo 300 USD

Venice (30)

Palermo escort
Sofia Be Palermo 300 USD

Sofia Be (34)

Palermo escort

Palermo Escorts

Are the escorts in Palermo offended if they are called "whores"?

This is an answer that can change depending on the escort that answers it.

The word "whore" is always tried to be used to call us women in an offensive or derogatory way, but in the end, it will always have to do with the way we take it.

Inside every woman there is a "whore" who wants to get out. The only difference between those who are not escorts and us is that we charge for this.

What are the 3 services that are requested the most from the VIP escorts in Palermo?

Each client we receive has different tastes, but there are three services that are the most commonly requested: oral sex, anal sex and threesomes.

But not all escorts offer all these services. It is for this reason that, before confirming your appointment with us, you must make sure that we provide some of the services you request.

Who chooses the place for a date with a Palermo escort?

In general, the ones who choose the dating sites are the Palermo escorts.

This also varies depending on the type of appointment we are going to have; given that, if it is an accompaniment appointment, the site is indicated by the client and we go to the place.

Likewise, if we have to move because the client's site option is more attractive than ours, the client must bear the transfer costs.

How many times a week can I see a whore from Palermo?

There is no limit as long as we have provision in our agendas!

For this reason, we tell our clients that it is important that they book their appointments with us at least 4 days in advance.

However, and if it is your wish, you can book more than one day a week with us. Just tell us!

Do Palermo escorts take breaks?

Some yes and some no.

It all depends on the escort and the pace of work that you like to have.

Some of us like to take a few days during the month (usually because of our menstruation) or seasons to rest and have time for ourselves.

It is a personal decision of each escort.

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