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Who I am?

Hi, I'm Emy, a VIP escort in the Recoleta neighborhood, I'm pretty, nice, sociable and very fiery. I like men who are gentlemen, respectful and willing to spend a nice moment of relaxation and fire.

I know English and Portuguese, making it an ideal service to meet foreigners. I'll only be there for a few days. I await your message so we can get to know each other and organize our meeting.


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Emy Cba

He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (11)


1 year ago

Simply spectacular!!! Very affectionate, super educated, a sensual face, and above all a hill!!! As is the photo, highly recommended ahhhh and re nice as a good Cordoba


1 year ago

Precious wherever you look at her, educated, friendly but at the same time a fire in bed, highly recommended

I'm Nestor

1 year ago

Very affectionate, super nice and a fire in bed, really cool boyfriends as it appears in the publication


1 year ago

She was very pretty, loving, and affectionate. In sex she is very fiery. Beautiful face and an amazing body.


1 year ago

Really better than what you see in the photos, don't miss it! Live and live, it really is worth paying 200 dollars, not 100 as he charges… Also super nice, charismatic, typical Cordovan DIVINE!!!


1 year ago

Beautiful, very nice and she also has no problem, all the poses without any problem, educated, a hill!!! As seen in the photos


1 year ago

I'm going to leave my opinion, it's beautiful Face and body. Give kisses not like some that don't even give you peaks. I believe in my humble opinion that he is a girl who can earn more than 100 USD..


1 year ago

It is prettier than in the photos! And beautiful face.

daniel c

3 months ago

Simply put, this lady is the best, far from the upper segment, she combines kindness. Luxury hostess. Of superlative natural beauty that leaves you wondering if it really belongs to this planet, the image in the advertisement does not reflect the reality of its presence.
From my place of knowing a high percentage of the girls in the top line
Without a doubt this woman is number 1 on the site and on several sites
The perfect place neat just like it smooth and free of errors
This woman's service is a true dose of happiness and makes you remember the beauty of life

daniel c

3 months ago

By far this lady is the best company one can acquire, superlatively beautiful, truly 100 times prettier in person than in the photos.
It opens the door for you and you have already begun to realize that it is a highly superior range and its simplicity and kindness close the combo successfully.
Not to mention that it fucks with style and keeps pace with your performance. You have nothing to object to, there are girls who cost 4 times what she charges in fees, you don't even have to start next to this lady.
Soft delicious.resoetuosa 1


3 days ago

Without a doubt the best, very sensual and with good vibes, very good skin, a sun

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