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Who I am?

Ciao amore, sonno Bianca Rossi. Descendant of Italians, particularly from Veneto in the north of the peninsula. Green-eyed; naturally redheaded white complexion with freckles that run across my body. Slim curvy and surgery free. I speak Italian and English.

Since I have been riding a horse since my earliest childhood, I love the speed of the routes, with the purring of a powerful engine and the silk wrapping my hair. Another of my hobbies is fashion, Alexander McQueen designs and his shows. The possibility of capturing those parades in images excites me. Train, stay fit; cultured and classy men with whom to share moments of intimacy. I am sensual, fun, frontal and multi-orgasmic.

With my Italian and EU passport, I can travel to practically anywhere in the world without tedious visas. What will you find when we meet? The song says it well. “Do not give my soul except to those who steal it from me. And never stop traveling from winter to summer.

From Madrid to New York, from embrace to oblivion. Go with Madonna in a limousine. Find the way out of this gray maze. Go through everything and not go out of style.”

I'll wait for you. Kisses!


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Bianca Rossi

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Experiences (12)


2 years ago

Hello, I wanted to ask you about the rates for a trip to Parana Entre Rios on a Saturday.


2 years ago

Hello Bianca Rossi,
I'm Peter, geologist, retired, American, wanting to meet a girl (little mature) near our apartment. You're beautiful !!! Can you receive me today at about 12:30? I can pay you in dollars if you prefer.


2 years ago

I was with her a week ago. The truth very attentive. Very outgoing. Very good body. He doesn't say no to anything. A very helpful milf. Detail because the face has brushstrokes.


2 years ago

A few years ago he had lost her. He began to dedicate himself to photographic production. I wrote yesterday without knowing it was her. Regardless of gender, it was great. She is an exceptional lady. Very pretty, nice, I assure you that you will die laughing with her stories, she is lovely to talk to, I repeat, with her sex is secondary, she is the main thing. My joy that he is back is immense.


2 years ago

I went out with her, a special woman, attentive, helpful, she is very well preserved


2 years ago

Fernando, what do you mean by "It keeps very well" it's a minon!!!


1 year ago

I went out with her. It is lovthat is said here and more. Super friendly and with the best vibes. Full service. Access everything you want. Correct apartment with impeccable bathroom..


11 months ago

Everything is very nice, it is preserved very well


11 months ago

Excellent service, terrific body and good attitude.


6 months ago

Stunning More beautiful in person than in photo. Very attentive and sweet. Friendly fun, she carries the conversation with a familiarity that almost makes you forget what an incredible body she has. Sensual, accommodating, I will definitely go back to her. Afterwards we went to eat at Palacio D. and the women looked at us, the men took better care of themselves, a beautiful, elegant and fine woman. Thank you very much divine for the wave.


1 month ago

I went quite a while ago. He sucks it like no other. It makes him very cool. It's very nice. She has a very soft body and divine tits. What he likes to fuck.


1 month ago

First of all, the treatment is distinguished, it is something else, second, the apartment is very well decorated and she is unforgettable. I love her naturally proportioned body, she has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen in my life. To repeat

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